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Oct 31, 2019

Policy actions from Capitol Hill touch local jurisdictions throughout the country, especially when it comes too funding. What kind of impact does DC have on your ability to innovate and your bottomline?

On this final INTERSECT19 edition of POLICYSMART, John Roberti, VP of Government Relations and Strategy at Cubic...

Oct 17, 2019

Once upon a time, transportation was about building roads and filling potholes. Like everything else in this world, however, it's now influenced by technology.

On this fourth INTERSECT19 edition of POLICYSMART, we speak with Greg Winfree, Director of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) about connected vehicles...

Oct 11, 2019

We're wrapping up Day 3 of INTERSECT19 with Crissy Ditmore, Director of Strategy for Cubic Transportation Systems, and some policy talk on mobility as a service (MaaS)!

What exactly is MaaS? What does it involve and who does it serve? It's not a product...and it involves many different parties. Still don't know? Don't...

Oct 9, 2019

The transportation industry does a great job of talking to each other. However, it doesn't do such a great job of talking to people outside of the industry. Why does it need to be good at both?

Krishna Desai, the Global Marketing Manager for Cubic Transportation Systems, shares with POLICYSMART why it's so critical for...

Oct 8, 2019

Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director of Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA), is the newest GRIDSMART Hall of Fame-er and we’re very excited to have him with us on our first special INTERSECT19 edition of POLICYSMART!
Everyone knows that Bay Area traffic is heavy—it’s a popular place to live, after all. The...